Straubing’s Lending Shop

A different kind of shop in Straubing …

Can we lend you something?

Find What You Need

In our online Lending Catalogue, you can search for item(s)s and see which ones are currently out on loan. Once you register, you can reserve the item(s) you need.

Occasionally, it is possible to browse through the inventory in the shop.

Picking Up Item(s)

Visit us during our shop hours at Steinweg 56 in Straubing (located above the VHS-Straubing offices) and pick up your reserved item(s). You can borrow item(s)s for up to 1 week and it won’t cost you anything. All that is required is that you leave a deposit.

Returning Item(s)

At the end of the agreed-upon lending period, return the item(s) during our shop hours and, if everything is in good condition, we will return your deposit in full. Should you need to extend the lending period, simply call us or email us an extension request.

Don’t Buy, Borrow!

Be smart, sustainable and borrow – don’t buy!

Do you need tools? For example, a cordless drill, a sander, or a table saw? We’ll lend it to
You want to throw a party and need tables and chairs? Or a chocolate fountain? Or games?
You can borrow them from us!
Do you want to conserve fruit? Roast chestnuts? Dehydrate fruit? Steam iron something? Or you need a wheelchair? No problem; we have what you are looking for!
Browse through our online catalogue, register with us, and reserve what you need. Then, you can pick up your reserved item(s) during our shop hours at Steinweg 56 Straubing
(above the VHS-Straubing offices).
If you are uncomfortable using the internet, we can also help you in person in our shop.
Borrowing item(s) is totally free. You just leave a deposit. Once the lending period is over, return the borrowed item(s) to us in our shop during our opening hours. If the borrowed item(s) has not been damaged, your deposit will be fully refunded to you. If you need to extend the lending period, just let us know.

Our Goal

Every person in Germany has 10,000 possessions but only about 2,000 of these are ever actually used. That’s a lot of stuff just lying around.

We offer a shop in which you can borrow items you need instead of buying them. Many of us don’t have the room to store a juicer or outdoor furniture, items we may only need once a year. And, these things cost money, too. To borrow something from our shop doesn’t cost you anything. Borrowing is cheaper and better for the environment because many things end up in the garbage after only one or two uses. And, that also costs all of us money. Borrowing is cheaper and sustainable and it saves the environment!

Are you interested?

Our shop is for anyone, especially students, retirees, and those who don’t have a lot of storage space but who want to do a DIY project and don’t have the right tools. Straubing’s Lending Shop can help!

By the way: Straubing’s Lending Shop is exclusively a volunteer operation. That is how we can afford to lend at no cost. But, it also means we can’t offer the same services as a for-profit establishment.

You need something – we have it:

DIY Projects

Do you need tools? Gardening equipment? A roll of cable or wire? We’ll lend it to you!

Online Catalogue “DIY Projects”

Hobbies & Recreation

Do you want to throw a party and need tables/chairs? You need a Beer-Pong table? A scooter? Or you want to fill a ball pit? You can borrow it all from us!

Online Catalogue “Hobbies & Recreation”


Do you want to conserve or dehydrate fruit? Do you want to make a fondue? Or steam iron something? Do you need a hand truck? We have what you need!

Online Catalogue “Household”

Our Lending Catalogue

Our Lending Catalogue is embedded on the web page of our software supplier located in Münster and conforms to all German data privacy laws. Proceed to our complete catalogue in the ‚Leihothek‘.

Save Money > Make Space > Save Resources

Make a donation!

We welcome any and all donations. You can donate here:

Or you can use our donation account: Freiwilligen Zentrum Straubing e.V.
Sparkasse Niederbayern-Mitte
IBAN: DE92 7425 0000 0000 0290 66
BIC: BYLADEM1SRG‚ Keyword: ‚Leihladen‘

Donating Item(s)

You can also support Straubing’s Lending Shop by donating items you no longer need but other’s might. We are happy to accept all items – new or in good working condition. For this purpose, we have created a Wish List; this is where you’ll find a list of items we especially need. But, please contact us before bringing any items to the shop so that we can appropriately manage the donation. You can reach us via email, telephone or by visiting us during our shop hours.

Donations can also be made at Straubing’s Recycling ZAW Center at Sachsenring 31, Straubing (“Flohmarkt”).

Register with us!

Steinweg 56
94315 Straubing

(above the VHS Offices)

Shop hours

Thursdays 17:00-19:00

Saturdays 11:00-13:00

We thank our Supporters:

Contact Us

    Would you like to help out?

    Then, join us!

    If you are interested in supporting us, contact Ms. Hausladen at the Freiwilligenzentrum.

    (Tel. 09421 – 989635 or


    We are looking for volunteers …

    …to help us in the shop

    Help out processing lending and returns as well as help register new customers during shop hours (2-4 hours and shop duty each week)

    …who like to repair things

    Repairs to lending items (for example Electrics, Kitchen Appliances, Gardening Equipment, Tools, Gadgets …)

    …who have solid IT abilities

    Optimizing the IT-processes

    Maintaining the Leihothek

    Maintaining the Homepage

    What you need to know about our Lending Shop:

    How much does borrowing cost?

    All items is lent out for a deposit, which will be returned. There is no fee as such.

    Will the deposit be returned in full?

    Yes, as long as the borrowed item(s) is returned on-time, clean and in fully working condition. Otherwise, the deposit will only be partially returned, or not at all.

    What do I need to know the first time borrow something?

    First, please register in the “Leihothek” online – only then can the desired item(s) be reserved.

    To pick up your item(s) in the shop, please bring with you your identity card (alternative: Proof of Residency) as well as cash for the deposit.

    Is it possible to reserve an item(s)?

    Yes. An item(s) can be reserved in advance online using the Leihkatalog/Leihothek, if the item(s) in question are available.

    How long can I borrow an item(s)?

    The lending period is 1 week but can be extended, if necessary, for a second week.

    Depending on the item(s) borrowed, exceptions can be made but please speak with us first!

    What happens if something breaks?

    Depending on the damage, we will keep part or all of the deposit.

    Which item(s) are not available in our Lending Shop?

    We do not have books, digital media (CDs/DVDs), or textiles. We also do not have clothing.

    If we don’t have what you are looking for just use the Wish List to let us know.

    May I borrow more than one item at the same time?

    Yes, up to 3 items. Exceptions may be made but only after speaking with us.

    What is the Leihothek?

    Our Lending Catalogue is embedded on the web page of our software supplier located in Münster and conforms to all German data privacy laws.

    In this catalogue, you can see the full selection of items that are available in our shop. Once you are registered, you may also reserve item(s).

    For more information:

    How are we financed?

    We finance the shop through private and institutional donations.

    We are therefore happy about every donation!

    How do I transport a large item(s)?

    All Items are transportable in boxes. If the item(s) you borrowed is too big and/or you have no car, you can use Straubing’s cargo bike service:

    Donau Donkeys:

    Is your shop handicapped-accessible?

    Unfortunately, our shop at Steinweg 56 (the VHS building, on the first floor above the VHS offices) is only accessible via stairs.

    If you let us know ahead of time, we will be happy to bring the borrowed item(s) to you in the VHS parking lot.

    What else do I need to know?

    The shop is managed solely by volunteers and we are happy for every helping hand. Come to the shop and have a look at our services. Here are the tasks we all perform, those you see and those that happen in the background:

    1. Help out processing lending and returns as well as help register new customers during shop hours (2-4 hours and shop duty each week)

    2. Repairs to lending item(s) (for example Electrics, Kitchen Appliances, Gardening Equipment, Tools, Gadgets …)

    3. Optimize IT-processes

    4. Maintain the Homepage

    5. Maintain a presence on Social Media as well as network with other organizations

    6. leaning and maintenance of the store room, shop, and kitchen